Due to the predominantly rural nature of India's demographic landscape, around 60% of our population is situated in villages with little or no healthcare services available to them in their neighbourhood. Government hospitals such as Primary Health Centres, who are the main healthcare delivery points in these regions, are few are far between. In many places, the physicians appointed show up only one every few weeks with no one to keep tabs on the effective deployment of healthcare programs.

What compounds the issue is that no private hospitals or healthcare personnel are willing to set up base in these regions as most rural residents are poor and this renders any business possibilities financially unattractive.

Healthcare delivery to these regions has to be cost-effective, and with minimum dependence on physical presence of doctors in the rural regions. The key to achieving this is using Ojus' micro/macro clinic healthcare facilities. Our Micro clinics are manned by paramedics and the macro clinics by physicians. The two centres are connected to each other via video conferencing and Web based Electronic Medical Records using standard broadband connectivity which has penetrated even into most rural areas. Alternately, Cellular Network based broad connectivity can be used. These allow the patients at the micro-clinics to see and speak with the remote macro-clinic physicians. The EMR allows capture and storage of patients' health information online. Doctors' comments and prescriptions entered into the EMR can be viewed at the micro clinic and printed out for patients' use.

The micro clinic becomes a virtual extension of the Macro Clinics through remote healthcare delivery facilities.
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