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The OncoNET project is a technology based Cancer-care delivery program initiated by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW), Government of India (GoI) and its execution spearheaded by National Informatics Centre (NIC), GoI's main Information Technology organization.The OncoNET centres in south,west and north eastern states of India are being deployed and operated by the venture consortium of ITI Ltd and Ojus Healthcare Pvt. LTD.

The program aims at bringing Cancer Care to towns and villages in India where such services may be lacking for the ordinary citizens. This is achieved by connecting the Regional Cancer Centres in each state, with Government Healthcare establishments such as District hospitals, Taluk hospitals, etc. using advanced Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). These government hospitals (referred to henceforth as Peripheral Cancer Centres or PCCs) may have inadequate expertise in cancer care and the OncoNET project makes the PCCs a “virtual” extension of the RCCs through ICT. Some of the main applications of OncoNET are:

Remote Consultation
Thus, cancer patients in places far away from the RCCs can, by visiting the OncoNET centre at their nearest PCC, consult with specialists of the RCC via advanced video conferencing systems and store and exchange patient health and care information through web-based medical records. This service can be used to save time, effort and money for the patients by avoiding travel to the distant RCCs for procuring consultation as well as expenses related to accommodation, food etc. at these locations during their stay there.

Centralized Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
The systems deployed at each OncoNET centre supports video and audio based communication connecting multiple locations together simultaneously for multi-party conferences. These will enable healthcare institutions to hold sessions amongst physicians and other healthcare personnel at the RCC and PCCs to exchange knowledge about cancer, treatment information etc. as a part of CME programs.

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