Developing healthy leaders for tomorrow
Preventive healthcare solutions for the younger generation

  • Doctors to visit schools and colleges and carry out detailed medical screening
  • Create a health database of every student and evaluate risk factors
  • Provide medical advice and assistance to manage all treatable cause and prevent and modify all potential risk factors.
  • Provide necessary follow up to monitor the health profile of each and every student throughout the year
  Health Education
  • Provide health information through personal discussions, audiovisual media, print media and the internet
  • Provide support services and help lines
  • Provide information and skills needed to avoid risk behaviours, including tobacco use, poor eating habits, and physical inactivity
  • Help practice decision making communication and peer resistance skills to enable students establish informed and healthy lifestyles.
  • The immediate benefit to the children and their parents will be early detection and treatment as well as prevention of diseases. The school can derive pride and satisfaction by providing its pupils with education that is complete in every aspect.
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